Program 1 Modules

Welcome to the Shoulders of Giants Leadership Academy (SOGLA)

Our mission is to impact the lives of others in positive and meaningful ways through coaching, mentoring and sponsorship.

My Name is Meshach Cleary, I am the co-founder and President of the leadership academy and I’ll also be your coach. 

Through this experience, you’ll learn from executive leaders who began their careers right where you are today. 

By the end, you’ll not only benefit from their perspective, you’ll also be connected with mentors who will guide you along your personalized, professional journey.

Module 1

Our first module, start with the end in mind, is intended for you to think about your future self. Doing this allows you to be more intentional about reaching your full potential.

Module 2

In this module, you’ll hear first-hand what it’s like to serve as a C-Suite executive who is not only accountable for the performance of their function, but also a public officer who serves as the face of a public corporation. Are you up to the task?

Module 3

Executives don’t reach their roles by accident. Their success is achieved as result of patterns of repeated behaviors and skills that have enabled them to achieve the results they want and outperform their peers. Want to know what those behaviors are? This program is for you.

Module 4

Leading teams of people requires alignment on business objectives and strategy. Those objectives and strategy should translate to specific, measurable, achievable goals across all functions that collectively support the success of your organization and, in turn, the success of you and your team.