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We leverage our extensive network of talented senior leaders across multiple industries to provide each of our members with one-on-one, high-quality mentorship.

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Meet Our Founder

Meshach Cleary is a Bronx, NY native and Yale University Executive MBA student. Since earning his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, he spent his career leading teams and solving problems for large industrial manufacturing companies. During that time, he discovered his unique ability to connect with people in ways that enabled them to grow personally and professionally.

"I credit much of my personal and professional success to the leaders who recognized my raw potential and continued to invest time and energy into helping me grow. The value I received from being connected to these leadership giants inspired me to create The Shoulders of Giants Leadership Academy with the objective of mirroring my own experience in a way that would have a similar impact on many more Black professionals."

owner and founder of the shoulders of giants video program
Meshach Cleary, CEO and Founder